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  • Martin Family: Tacoma Lifestyle Photographer

  • Just about two months ago the Martin family added a sweet baby girl to their already adorable family! I had a great time capturing them as a new family of four (six if you include the dogs :-)). When I arrived, three year old Maysen was peeking out the window waiting for my arrival! She couldn't wait to share all of her moves!!!! This one can pose!!! She is very busy and had lots of things to s[...]
  • Jackie and Clint: Maternity Photos

  • Hi my name is Erinn, and I had a BAD idea! (please don't tell anyone!). I hate having ideas that aren't so great. Unfortunately, it happens! Jackie and Clint were nearing the primo time for maternity pics. When I spoke to Jackie, I suggested Chambers Bay, just as the sun was nearing setting time. In my mind, I saw some beautiful images in an amazing setting. HA!!!! I made a huge mistake! The ti[...]
  • Mother's Day: Photography in Tacoma, WA

  • My mom is something special! If you have met her, you know this to be true! I could talk/type all day about how amazing my mom is. But I won't force that upon you! A few weeks ago, I told my mom that I wanted to take her pictures. She complained about it--a ton! She gave me billions of reasons why she didn't want her pics taken. I vetoed every one! Its so different when it is you own mother.[...]
  • Baby Bump: Tacoma Maternity Photography

  • I have seen a ton of baby bumps in my life, but this bump takes the cake! Nikki is my husband's cousin. She and her fiance Jordan flew from California to Tacoma for a family baby shower. I couldn't wait for them to get here so I could capture this special time in their lives! Nikki and Jordan coach cheerleading together for an extremely elite group in Cali. Prior to her pregnancy, Nikki was [...]