Summer and Alec: Tacoma Photography

This session was a little bit different than most of my sessions. You see, Summer and Alec contacted me AFTER they were married. They married a few weeks prior, in a ceremony on the Peninsula, with only two of their close friends. So when Summer said that they wanted to get re-dressed in their wedding day attire and do a session–I was extatic!

This is not the first time I have had a similar experience. And let me tell you, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do!!! I love a good wedding; however, there is nothing like having a bride and groom in front of my lens without a care in the world! We have plenty of time to shoot, and no timeline to stick to. We can choose any location we want because we weren’t trying to stay close to a wedding venue. Overall it is much like an engagement session, but with even more amazing outfits. I really hope this is a new trend in Tacoma…I am on board!!

Summer and Alec are one of those couples that are so in love–you can feel it. This always makes my job really easy. They were calm, cool, and collected even as it started to rain (and did so through most of the session). Alec lovingly held one of my reflectors over Summer’s head as we walked from location to location and Summer couldn’t take her eyes off of Alec.

Congratulations Summer and Alec! It was such a pleasure to photograph this special time and I am honored that you trusted me to capture it!


IMG_7129 IMG_7089IMG_7117IMG_7136-Edit IMG_7150 IMG_7301 IMG_7331 IMG_7348 IMG_7370 IMG_7375 IMG_7397 IMG_7404 IMG_7413 IMG_7537 IMG_7480

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