Mayce and Jared: The Proposal: Tacoma and Seattle Photographer

I told Jared that there was no way he was going to get a piano up a giant hill and into the woods. However, I learned a big lesson. Love can make ANYTHING possible.


This proposal has been a LONG time coming. I have known about Jared’s plan for well over a year. Every time he talked about his plan, I kept telling him, “KEEP IT SIMPLE”! And I am so glad that he didn’t listen to me! He had a vision, and he was dead set on making it happen.

On the day of the proposal, Mayce and Jared had plans to hang out and then go to a graduation party. In the morning, Jared told her that he was sick and had been throwing up. Which was perfect for the plan…however, she wanted to stop by with some Gatorade and just be by his side. Luckily, she had somewhere to be and only derailed the timeline by about an hour!

I have been working on launching a new photography website, and Mayce knew that I was in need of some pictures of someone getting their hair and make-up done. Jared’s sister Ciara just happens to do hair–lucky me ;-). So I told her that I needed her to be my model and that Ciara was able to help by doing hair. After our fake photo session, we decided that we were going to go and grab a drink in Sumner, but really we were whisking her away to her proposal!

The proposal took place on Jared’s family property. The little clearing that he chose, there is a beautiful view of the Puyallup Valley and a GIANT rock perfect for climbing. As a child Jared spent hours upon hours playing in this very space. The property is on the way into Sumner, so as we were driving to “dinner and drinks” Mayce had no clue where we were actually going.

THEN, on the way there I got a text from Ciara (as she sat right next to me), saying “can we stall?!?!”. So I attempted to be as casual as possible and said, “Mayce, since you are looking so good, I really want to jump out and take a few pictures of you–it’s so pretty out today!” It’s not outside the norm for me to force her to take pictures. So we hopped out of the car and had a mini photoshoot. After about 10 minutes (which felt like an hour), Ciara caught my eye and let me know we were back on track. At this point, I took a turn that was obviously not in the direction that we were supposed to be headed and I waited for Mayce to make a comment. When she finally did, I told her not to worry about it…but then her suspicions really kicked in!

About a minute later, we arrived a trailhead. Ciara and I popped out of the car and told Mayce to follow. Along the trail were beautiful signs and decor (done by Jared’s talented Mom and sister). Each station was symbolic to the timeline of Mayce and Jared’s relationship–going as far back as junior high. As she proceeded to walk up the trail, she was met by loved ones. At the end of the trail was the love of her life, playing the piano and ready to serenade her.

The day was so perfect! Mayce was blindsided by the event–we must be a really good team of actors! The proposal was so beautiful, special and thoughtful. So many people came together to help and to celebrate. It was truly amazing to see it all come together. And because she has a sister as a photographer, you get to see how it all went down!

I love you Mayce and Jared!

–Erinn www.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnh

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!!!! I put together a behind the scenes video!!! My priority was having images of the proposal, so my footage cuts out at some really important points! (Thankfully, I did have Gabe on my back-up camera). Also, thanks to several motorcycles, you can’t quite hear everything. There is some pretty shaky camera work as I try and go back and forth between pictures and video (and sometimes even doing so while walking backwards). OH and I usually wouldn’t talk to my subjects while filming–but my subjects aren’t usually my sister either 😉 With all of my caveats, I love the video! I just hope it does Jared’s amazing proposal justice! Enjoy!


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