Mr. Easton is 6 months!: Puyallup Family Portraits: Puyallup Photographer

As I was walking out the door for Easton’s 6 month session, it was the PERFECT photography weather. Nice and overcast!!! I was headed out to our location, Ft. Steilacoom Park. One of my favorite locations! All was right with the world! As I was driving to location, the beautiful overcast skies opened up to reveal the bright, I’m talking BRIGHT, sun!!! That’s ok! I can find some shade…no biggie. Then when I arrived, it took me 15 min to drive my way into the park. Silly me, I didn’t even think to check for events occurring at our location. There were several soccer games AND a high school cross-country meet!!!! I have never seen this park so flooded with people and cars in my life! Shooting around the sun and crazy background happenings, was NOT going to be easy.

When I finally found the family I was shooting and I got my first glimpse of Easton and his big beautiful baby blues…I forgot about everything that I was worrying about. What. A. Cutie pie!!!

Not only did I get a chance to photograph Mr. Handsome and his beautiful parents, they also brought Easton’s grandmas along! Such an amazing opportunity to capture two generations of people who have an overwhelming love for this little guy! Pretty special!!!!

Thank you for letting me unleash my camera on your family and those hypnotizing crystal blue eyes! We should probably start planning for his Senior Portraits! I am already dying to take them! 😉


This image CRACKS ME UP!!!!! I have a few with different expressions that are equally adorable. However, the fact that his parents are kissing, and he is CLEARLY saying, “YUCK”…it’s priceless!!!

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