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Boudoir photography is my favorite. Yet, it is my hardest “sale” I have ever had to make (and I have sold some crazy things in my lifetime!). First and foremost, the challenge lies in the fact that it is difficult to share my boudoir work. In this industry, the proof is in the “pudding”. Sharing my work is massively important to gaining trust. Yet, the boudoir work I do, is typically intended for a private audience. This fact, leads me to rely on my words…which isn’t my strong suit! Yet take a moment to hear me out…

1) Clients leave empowered. Every single woman that does a session with me, leaves on cloud 9! This is true! Everyone arrives a bit timid and/or nervous (usually a combination of both). That is 100% normal! However, they ALL leave feeling amazing. For me, other than delivering the final images, the best part of a boudoir session is watching a woman’s energy change during a session (and it happens every time). No matter how nervous she is at the beginning of a session, she always leaves feeling “empowered” and “amazing”. I hear those exact words every time!

2) I know my stuff. I think there are two major reasons that “I know my stuff.” A) I was a dancer for over 20 years. I understand a woman’s body. I understand what the body is capable of and how to present it in the most beautiful way possible. Lines. Grace. Intentions. I get it. I can find those elements in EVERY woman. B) I myself, do not have a model body. In fact–FAR from it. If there is an opposite for a Victoria Secret model…THAT is what I am. I understand insecurities. I know what I want to hide and what I want to flatter. While I CAN hide and flatter, I also respect and honor insecurities. I know that hidden within the insecurities–is a fierce, powerful, subtle (or not-so-subtle), beautiful, sexy, feminine woman. You can wear an oversized sweater or your skimpiest bra and undies. I don’t care! We will find your inner most siren!!!!  Finding her–it’s kinda my thing.

3) The time is now. I have always wanted to do a boudoir style photoshoot. Why didn’t I? I didn’t because I wanted to lose 20 pounds. Now I understand that this isn’t the case for all women…but in the time I wanted to LOSE 20 pounds–I GAINED 20 pounds. And I gained more–way more. I see pictures of myself during that time of my life (that I was unhappy with my body), and I WISH I had the guts to do it then!!!! Even if that isn’t the case for you, some form of this “change” will happen to all of us. Time passes. Things happen. It might be our career. We might marry the man of our dreams. We become mothers. We lose sight of ourselves. Guess what?!? That in-and-of-itself is beautiful!!!! We discover a grey hair. We have  a new stretch mark (On top of an old set of stretch marks! Who knew?). We have new smile lines and eye wrinkles. I guess that’s my point. You will never get better and you will never get worse. Right now, you are perfectly you.

4Every woman should have a beautiful portrait of herself. That’s an easy one. What else can I say? I have laid it all out. Women are ridiculously amazing and beautiful. Even if you wake up feeling less than that. Forget your OK Cupid profile, the paper you have to write, the baby vomit on your shoulder, the co-worker that leaves you restless, the endless piles of laundry, the celebrity that you are not, the homework you can’t help with. These things are NOT important. Today you are beautiful! These are the things I don’t see. My goal is to capture the real you. Don’t get me wrong, you WILL worry about all of these things. Yet for a moment…you can leave all of these things behind.

I am doing a “smaller” version of the full boudoir expierence. Why? Honestly, because I want to take the finances off of the table. I want you to be able to give it a try without spending thousands (which is typical in the industry). That being said, I do NOT want to discount the art and industry. The creative eye and time involved should be in no way taken lightly or undersold. BUT I believe in the experience.

I am able to offer a lower price because of the shorter time slot, my commitment to shooting in one day, and smaller image output. These elements allow me to provide this opportunity. When all is said and done, my profit is miniscule. I literally made more money as a “sales associate” at Old Navy in the late 90’s. THAT is how strongly I believe in this.

I’ll stop typing…

(but also thank you to my fearless models!)

For more information on my Tacoma boudoir photography sessions, visit www.erinnhargisboudoir.com.

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For more information on my Tacoma boudoir photography sessions, visit www.erinnhargisboudoir.com.

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