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I heart my sister.

Over the last several months, I have had the honor of tagging along with her on her journey of purchasing her first home! This included looking at every listing that she emailed me, checking out several homes, daydreaming about the decor potential of the ones she loved, and at times…making sure that she didn’t fall in love with a money pit! When she found a home that she fell in love with, I was there to check it out, and sat next to her as she put her offer on the home (at the exact same time another family was putting in their offer!!!). It was so exciting to learn that her offer was accepted!!! After months, she now knew where to envision the next phase of her life occurring.

On the day she got the keys to her home, I was obviously there to capture those first moments! So fun to watch her and her beau dance around the house on cloud 9!

Through this experience, Mayce had the BEST agent, Kari Montgomery! Truly dedicated to finding her the right home, and providing amazing guideance. She was there to have (and give) a heartwarming champaign toast. She also gifted Mayce and Jared with the most adorable garden gnomes! A gift that could not have been more up Mayce’s ally (one even has sparkles!)–nailed it Kari!!!

Congrats Mayce!!!!! You are such a free spirit and “somewhat” unpredictable–I am always fearful that you will disappear to the other side of the world. I am ok with you going wherever you want, now that your roots are here in Puyallup, only 5 minutes away!

Love you!


IMG_8727 IMG_8449-EditIMG_8457-Edit IMG_8477-Edit IMG_8488-EditIMG_8812

See–Kari’s gnome gift already had friends in the yard to hang out with!!IMG_8419IMG_8358-EditIMG_8508-Edit22IMG_8503IMG_8515-EditIMG_8367-EditIMG_8621

BEST champaign uncorking pic!!! Look at those faces!!!IMG_8521-EditIMG_8526-EditIMG_8533IMG_8536IMG_8544-EditIMG_8563IMG_8574-EditIMG_8580-Edit

After their champaign, Mayce and Jared burned dried sage to cleanse the energy in the house (a ritual with Native American roots).IMG_8343-EditIMG_8650IMG_8638IMG_8646IMG_8667-EditIMG_8677IMG_8706IMG_8685

I think this one had less to do with sage and more to do with champaign 😉IMG_8602IMG_8802IMG_8732

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