Beardemphl Family: Tacoma Family Portraits: Tacoma Photographer

This session was so much fun! I got a last minute request from Yvonne for a Saturday session. I had it available and of course said YES! I could not pass up an opportunity to hang out with them!

Usually with each session, I give the family around 25-35 edited photos. I take tons of pics but if I give too many, it tends to be overwhelming. I work hard to try and pick my top! As the photos upload to my computer, I do a quick first round and flag my favorites. First go–I flagged almost 300 pictures!!!! They can’t take a bad photo!!!!

During a session, I also try and take some video footage in between shooting and do a short little behind the scenes video. Since Sunday was Mother’s Day, I knew I HAD to do something special for Yvonne! She is an amazing woman, and an equally amazing mother. So at the end of the session (before I made them get in the freezing cold water), I had Dave and Yvonne walk the beach while I snagged the kids to take some video. I told them the plan, and asked them if they needed a minute to think of some things to say about their mom for Mother’s Day. They were quiet for all of 5 seconds and that was all the time they needed.

Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family!!! It makes my job easy when your love for each other is SO apparent. Your family oozes with spirit!!! I was completely entertained by all of your jumping, flipping, dancing and Dave and Johnny’s freakishly synchronized rock throwing!!!

Already excited for our next session 🙂



IMG_7746-Edit IMG_7774 IMG_7783 IMG_7825 IMG_7839 IMG_7843 IMG_7845rocks IMG_8046 IMG_8148 IMG_8183IMG_8188 IMG_7855 IMG_8162 IMG_8168IMG_7989 IMG_8102 IMG_8114 IMG_8121IMG_8071-Edit-2Kiss



A look at the video 🙂


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