Ryan and Desiree: Maternity Portraits: Tacoma Photographer

I love a good love story that comes full circle. Ryan and Desiree were one of my first engagement shoots, they were my first wedding that I shot solo, and now…they are having a baby!!!!

Des and I had a date for a maternity session on the calendar months ahead of schedule. But as Washington luck would have it, we were rained out–not once, but twice!!!! I usually go with the flow when it comes to weather, as I obviously have no control over it…but this baby only has a little over a week left before her due date! NO TIME TO SPARE! Thankfully mother nature gave us a break by keeping baby Harper safely put and by providing some decent weather on a day that worked with our schedules!

Ryan and Desiree–It is ALWAYS a pleasure working with you!!!!! I cannot wait to meet Miss Harper. Now that the pics are done, I’d like her to hurry up and get here already!


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