Mom and Me: Short and Sweet Session: Tacoma Photography

It’s time for another Short and Sweet Session!!!

As moms, we are almost exclusively the ones behind the camera. We snap away as fast as we can–because we SWEAR they are taller when they kiss us goodnight, than they were this morning. You went from Mommy to Mom, and you can’t pinpoint the day it happened. Every time we blink, they a growing up and we are trying our best to savor every moment. Sure, the moments are important. But what is really special, is that you were there with them.

I think I can count on my two hands, the number of pictures that I have of Jackson and I together. There MIGHT be a few more than that–but not many. I am an expert at running away from a camera. I don’t want him to grow up with the memory of me always running from the camera. I want him to have keepsakes of the times we spent together. After all, I am growing up every time HE blinks.

Having a timeless photo of you and your little one is priceless. I hope this Short and Sweet session, is the push you need to do it! Give yourself this gift for Mother’s Day (or even for your own mom!).

To sign up: Email your top three time slots (times run every 15 minutes) to I will confirm your time slot via email (and send you a paypal link). Session times will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. ¬†Edited photos will be completed in time for Mother’s Day.

Can’t wait!


Mom and Me Short and Sweet



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