Tree Farm Short and Sweet 2013

Stop it! Stop it right now. These families, little ones and pets are too much to handle.

I am so thankful to have the honor of photographing such an amazing group of people! As I previewed all of your images, I could not wipe the smile off my face! I cant wait to get the rest of your images to you!

The day was beautiful and weather couldn’t have been more perfect! Until it started to sprinkle heavily. I was super bummed to cut the day short! However, its really hard to get great shots in the rain! Rain drops on the camera lens–doesn’t work well 🙁 However, my last family to show up before I cancelled the rest of the day, just so happened to be in “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” and they were down for ANYTHING! If they were doing something more traditional, we would have had to reschedule them as well! Just so happens that wet hair looks wonderful with an ugly christmas sweater.

To those who didnt make it in time for the “good” weather–we will find a time to get yours done (stay on your emails :-))

Lastly, this couldn’t have been done with out the very gracious Glenwood Christmas Tree Farm! I worked with a few farms, and they were hands down the most awesome family to work with (Super Dave and his family are the first family in this post)!!!!  You definitely have to go there for your tree–I guarantee an amazing experience! You can visit their Facebook page HERE. They are located at: 14716 Bingham Ave. E , Tacoma, Washington 98446

Thank you all!!!!!



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And what the heck! Here is a little video I did when I visited the farm a few days before the sessions. Its just too cute to not share.

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