Bethany 2013: Tacoma Senior Portrait Photographer

So this was less of a photoshoot and more of an adventure!!!!

I had the pleasure of taking Bethany’s senior portraits at her “house”. Not so much at her house, but on her property that is totally off of the beaten path and backs up to an AMAZING wooded area! I love taking pictures at new locations and this one was an extremely pleasant surprise!

We took some shots right at the property line, but then decided to venture into the woods! One of our stops was at a tree swing (that her older brother constructed when he was younger). The tree swing was on the shore of a wetlands pond. SO fun! The one caveat was that it was overgrown since it had not been accessed in quite a while. Adventure accepted! We proceeded to make our own path through the land and found the swing! The second she sat down and started swinging, I completely forgot that I walked through an ant hill and had new little friends making my ankles their home!

Next, we ventured out of the woods to take advantage of her self proclaimed “nerd” status! Bethany has an obsession with classic antique books. Who wouldn’t!?! When she showed me her collection, I must admit, I “nerded out” with her. I am a huge reader, and could not get over her collection of classics!

While we were taking pictures with her and her books, I decided to lay down to get a few shots (which is NOT uncommon for me to do). Somehow, the exact place I decided to plop down was near ANOTHER ant hill! Seriously?! What luck! Again for the sake of my craft, I let the ants crawl over me and my camera (I am actually surprised that none of my images came out with an ant on the lens). Its amazing. When your subject looks amazing and the light is hitting just right, you forget in an instant what you have decided to lay on! (To date, I have laid in mud, dirt, glass and now ants! This is part of the reason I don’t show up to shoots looking cute. It’s likely that I will be covered in mud within the first few minutes of meeting you!)

I am thrilled with the results of this shoot! If ants = amazing pictures??? BRING IT ON!

Bethany–whenever you want to check out the library of books in my building, I am so ready! I will take your pictures any day!

-Erinn www.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnh

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