Baby Bump: Tacoma Maternity Photography

I have seen a ton of baby bumps in my life, but this bump takes the cake!

Nikki is my husband’s cousin. She and her fiance Jordan flew from California to Tacoma for a family baby shower. I couldn’t wait for them to get here so I could capture this special time in their lives!

Nikki and Jordan coach cheerleading together for an extremely elite group in Cali. Prior to her pregnancy, Nikki was flipping, jumping, dancing and being thrown into the air! This girl is the tiniest ball of fire! (She is still the tiniest ball of fire, but now she is carrying her baby boy, Slater!)

When doing these photos, I had to focus hard on making sure that she looked preggers! If she turned at the right angle, Slater would completely disappear!

And Jordan?! What a stud muffin! Mr. Slater is going to be one good looking baby!

Nikki–you will be doing toe-touches and back handsprings in no time! Can’t wait to meet your little guy!

Love you guys,


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