Photo from Rachael Rumph of Prissy Piggies Photography.

Photo from Rachael Rumph of Prissy Piggies Photography.



The year was 1994. Armed with bath towels, an adorable sister and a disposable camera, I set up shop in my mother’s kitchen. I was determined to take a picture that would land my sister on the cover of a magazine. At the time, my sister was unaware that this was the first of many, many photo shoots (see below).

Years and years have passed and there are only a few subtle differences between our first photo shoot in ‘ 94 and the ones we have done more recently:

1) She can get dressed by herself. She can do her own hair and make-up (although she still asks for advice on what to wear).

2) I have a better camera.

3) We are older.

We still get excited like little girls, lay out clothing options, channel our inner Tyra Banks and Nigel Barker, and squeal as we review the pictures (my husband and his eardrums can attest to this).

THIS is why I love photography.

For me, photography is “to play”. That is how I capture true personality–that is how I get the perfect shot.



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