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  • Vacation!

  • Vacation! It happened--it really really happened! 2013 was a BIG year! When I first started my business over two years ago, people would ask, "How is it going? Are you busy?". My response was always the same, "I am busy enough. I haven't experienced TOO busy yet. I am sure at some point, I will have to find a happy medium. For now, I am just the right ammount of busy". Well, the second half of [...]
  • I brought the big guns!

  • Today Gabe, Jackson and I went to the studio to paint. Jackson was so excited (probably at the thought of paint)! While we were in the car on our way to the studio, Mister Jack said, " Mom, I am so proud of you!". I was somewhat bewildered by his comment, yet I was grinning ear to ear! I felt like these were extremely caring thoughts to hear from a seven year old boy! I calmly asked him why he was[...]