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  • Mother's Day: Photography in Tacoma, WA

  • My mom is something special! If you have met her, you know this to be true! I could talk/type all day about how amazing my mom is. But I won't force that upon you! A few weeks ago, I told my mom that I wanted to take her pictures. She complained about it--a ton! She gave me billions of reasons why she didn't want her pics taken. I vetoed every one! Its so different when it is you own mother.[...]
  • The new Studio!!!: Tacoma portrait photographer

  • So I am kind of freaking out a little bit!!!! I have a studio space!!!!! It has been over a year since I have been "live" with my business. Never once have I thought about looking into studio space. After all, I am a natural light photographer, and LOVE to do pictures outside!!! I am not one for super posy pictures that one can get by going to the local mall. For some crazy reason, I changed my[...]