Miss Bailey: Puyallup High School Class of 2015: Puyallup Senior Portrait Photographer

SUCH A FUN SESSION!!!! I had a blast working with Bailey! It is my first session with a Senior from Puyallup High School! As a PHS Alum, I have been waiting for the day I would get to capture a fellow viking!

I see so much of myself in Bailey (well…my much younger self :-))…

1) Bailey is involved in leadership and ASB (which is something that I was very involved in when I was at PHS).

2) Bailey is an athlete–playing both soccer and softball. While, I wasn’t necessarily an “athlete”, I was a cheerleader ;-). That kind of counts right? Well…we both have a PHS letterman jacket…

3) Bailey is going to Pacific Lutheran Univesity next year. I didn’t go to PLU…but I did go to University of Puget Sound which is a very similar school. Cross-town rivals!

4) Bailey is a Photographer! I dont think I need to connect those dots for you on that one.

Bailey–I look forward to watching your journey! You have SUCH A bright future!


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