Monthly archives:September 2014

  • Handsome Ransom is 2 months!: Puyallup Family Photographer

  • Ransom is 2 months old and I have been waiting to get my camera on him since the moment he made his grand entrance into the world! And from the pictures, you can see why! What a handsome little guy.  And his parents just as beautiful!!! Thank you so much for letting me capture such a special time in your lives! I KNOW that you are enjoying every second of it! --Erinn I LOVE th[...]
  • Mr. Easton is 6 months!: Puyallup Family Portraits: Puyallup Photographer

  • As I was walking out the door for Easton's 6 month session, it was the PERFECT photography weather. Nice and overcast!!! I was headed out to our location, Ft. Steilacoom Park. One of my favorite locations! All was right with the world! As I was driving to location, the beautiful overcast skies opened up to reveal the bright, I'm talking BRIGHT, sun!!! That's ok! I can find some biggie. [...]
  • Chris and Kristina: Seattle Wedding: 1927 Events: Seattle Photographer

  • This wedding was beautiful! Everything about this day was a treat for the eyes! Chris and Kristina are EASILY one of the most laid back couples I have ever met! Their ability to remain chill under all circumstances, made this day a breeze. Thank you Chris and Kristina for allowing Brett and I to capture you day! It was amazing! (and as always, these images are taken by both me and Brett McKinle[...]
  • Dan and Jess: Puyallup Valley Wedding: Puyallup Photographer

  • What can I say about Dan and Jess? I could talk/write about these two for days! However, I am so ready to share the pics, I'll keep it short and sweet! So here is a list of the things that I think are important to know: 1) Dan is my cousin. 2) Their wedding was planned to be held in Winthrop, WA. Due to wild fires, evacuations, power outages and just plain unpredictability, they decided to m[...]