Find your inner vixen: Tacoma boudoir photographer

Hey! Guess what!?!? The greatest thing happened!

I have been doing boudoir photography for the last 2+ years. It is one of my ultimate-favorite things to shoot. While it is a fave, Boudoir isn’t the majority of my business–but I would like it to be. It’s so difficult to grow this aspect of my business because I rarely have permission to share my images. Guess what?!?!?! I got permission to share for promotional purposes!!!!!!

This is one of the beautiful women that participated in my “Boudoir Mini Session”. Every single woman that participated was SO FIERCE!!!!! However, this particular gal was a tiny bit different.

Ms. C was interested in my session, but needed some convincing (as do most of my clients!). She went to high school with my sister, who is a makeup artist. Ms. C asked if my sister could assist her with her makeup and hair, because “I have no skills”! I too have known Ms. C for quite some time, and when she made this request, I was a bit thrown off! She has always seemed super glam to me! After this experience, I discovered that she is a super low maintenance chick! And her natural beauty?!?! Ugh! Love!

When she arrived on location, she was so chill!!!! We easily went through her wardrobe selections–she was nervous, but game for anything. Her trusting nature made my job a breeze!!!  After Mayce finished her make-up, I don’t even think she looked at it!!!  Not looking at your super glam makeup application???…that is NOT typical for a client. She looked AMAZING, and just trusted in the process! THAT is how super cool she is.

At this point, I was early and she hadn’t done anything with her hair yet. I asked if she wanted me to wait for hair prior to her shoot and she said, “Whatever. I’m cool.” Really?!!? DREAM CLIENT! I plugged in the curling iron and threw a few curls in her hair. I wanted her to feel stunning for her shoot! Even after both hair and make-up, she still hadn’t really even LOOKED at herself!

Up until now I was expecting an average, run-of-the-mill session. I got her in position, put the camera up to my eye for a test shot, and out of nowhere…girl turned it ON!!!! It was amazing! SHE was amazing!

This blog post is a testimony to the carefree girl that likes to feel a bit glamorous every now and again :-). You might need some encouragement to do it, but you will TOTALLY thank yourself for it. They are just fun pictures to have!

Ms. C–you KILLED it!!!!! Thank you for trusting me and for trusting your inner fearless vixen!  You WILL inspire others to step outside their comfort zone! I am so glad you did.

For more information on boudoir sessions, visit



For more information on boudoir sessions, visit

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