Mom and Me: Tacoma Photographer

Really rain?!? What’s your deal???

This Saturday, the scheduled day for the Mom and Me session, was the MOST manic day of weather we have had in a long time! Luckily, I was able to get 5 sessions in before the weather mania began (and a bonus 2 sessions)!

I am SO in love with the “Mom and Me” concept! Moms are amazing. That’s it. They are the BEST. I loved every second of capturing these adorable little ones with their moms! So much love and laughter to be captured!!! I have said it before and I will say it again…the WORST part of my job, is selecting my favorite images and the ones for the blog. Essentially, I end up just flipping through them as fast as I can and flagging the ones that jump out. If I don’t do it at the speed of light, then my blog posts would be hundreds of pictures long! Lets be real–I don’t have time to edit that many photos! So the pics you see are my speed of light faves :-).

The rain really started to kick in around 11:00. After I got to my car, completely drenched, I got a phone call. Two of Gabe’s cousins were next on the schedule. On the other end of the line I hear, “I know it’s pouring, but we are all at my house. Everyone looks really cute in their bow ties! Wanna come over here and take the pics in my house???”. Of course!!!! Who can resist tiny boys in bow ties??? Not me, that’s who!

Thanks to everyone who participated!!! A special thanks to all of you that actually got wet/soaking wet!!! And a triple thanks to my rad sidekick for the day, Aubrie! I could NOT have done it without you! Can’t wait for round two! www.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnh


I love the three generations in this pic!!! I also love that it seems as if they are sharing a secret about motherhood!

It might have to do with lollypops…but if that isn’t it, I want in on the secret!

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