Vacation! It happened–it really really happened!

2013 was a BIG year! When I first started my business over two years ago, people would ask, “How is it going? Are you busy?”. My response was always the same, “I am busy enough. I haven’t experienced TOO busy yet. I am sure at some point, I will have to find a happy medium. For now, I am just the right ammount of busy”. Well, the second half of 2013, I finally hit my first experience of being a little bit too busy. Which is GREAT! During that time, I learned a TON. And a great deal about how to manage my workflow moving into 2014. In 2013, I had 80 shoots and delivered over 12,000 edited images:

48 families
8 seniors
6 engagements/couples
6 weddings
7 boudoir
4 corporate events/head-shots
4 videos
3 slideshows
2 baby bumps

My husband Gabe is a printing press operator. I asked him what 12,000 sheets of paper looks like and he said, “It’s about two stacks that are about waist high”. NO WONDER I was feeling exhausted at the end of December! At that moment, I decided that I would take the month of January off. I was not going to allow myself to pick up my camera, or open any editing software for an entire month!

Easier said than done! For the first week or so, I would find myself pacing around the house. In my mind, I was filing through all of the images and footage that I had on my computer. Thinking, “maybe I could just open up some old projects and work on them? That would be ok?”. I would sit down to open a project, and then had to smack my own hand, get up and walk away.

After that first week, I finally found a “vacation groove”. I read two books (big books),  watched a season and a half of Dexter (I only have 6 episodes left until the series finale!), did some pretty major cooking (for me, ANY cooking is a huge deal), went on some walks while Jackson rode his new bike, watched a unhealthy amount of Criminal Minds re-runs, and best of all  we went on an ACTUAL VACATION to Disneyland!!!

Jackson had never been to Disneyland. Heck! He had never been on an airplane! It was so amazing to watch him experience so many new things.

I had my heart set on capturing the crap outta this vacation. Something a little artsy. Not your average family vacation pictures. That didn’t really go 100% as planned. First off, I didn’t bring my camera that I use for my business (Canon D Mark II), instead I dusted off my Nikon D7000. It had been so long since I used it, I was re-teaching myself on the fly! Second, I totally packed the wrong lens! So I felt VERY stifiled. While I wasn’t able to get most of the shots that I wanted to, I was able to challenge myself and try lots of different things outside my norm. Lastly, IT’S FREAKING DISNEYLAND! There are people everywhere! That makes it REALLY hard to get ANY shots!

Overall, I have many amazing memories. Some are captured with an artful flair and some are just plain old tourist/family vacation shots. I am 100% ok with that. These shots are also edited outside of my norm. It’s a little bit of me trying out a new software and exploring something different for fun (and since I am not a paying client, I figure why not!).

It was a great vacation! I am going to have a better work life/personal life balance in 2014. Most of all, I am just excited to be back behind the camera!!!!


We walked into the park and Donald and Daisy were right there ready to greet us!

I am pretty sure that right before I took this, Gabe told Donald that he is a duck hunter.

We eased him into the rides. With this no hands approach, we knew he was ready for something with a bit more kick.

I saw him make the face a million times. It never got

Going to Disneyland with an 8 year old boy, is a MUCH different experience than going with a little girl. There were NO princess on this trip!!!www.erinnh

This was one of my favorite things that we did. Jackson was chosen to come on stage and to be trained by REAL Jedi

Then he actually got to fight Vader!

Day three was spent in California Adventure. This was, hands down, Jack’s favorite ride (or maybe I should say, hands up).

Standing in line for the main Cars

Lots of entertainment!

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