Monthly archives:February 2014

  • Vacation!

  • Vacation! It happened--it really really happened! 2013 was a BIG year! When I first started my business over two years ago, people would ask, "How is it going? Are you busy?". My response was always the same, "I am busy enough. I haven't experienced TOO busy yet. I am sure at some point, I will have to find a happy medium. For now, I am just the right ammount of busy". Well, the second half of [...]
  • Hey Jude!: Newborn Lifestyle Session: Seattle Portrait Photography

  • The month of January was vacation month for me. I put it to good use with LOTS of relaxation! However, during the last week, I was dying to get back behind the camera! Thankfully, Mr. Jude made his way into the world and was in need of some pictures! What an amazing session to open 2014 with. Jude is one of the most handsome newborns I have laid eyes on! He is also my first newborn to sleep thr[...]