Allison & Garth: Thornewood Castle Wedding

I have known Allison since we were in early elementary school. Our parents are good friends and that meant every time they got together, we got to hang out! Over the years we shared lots of dance classes, boat outings on Lake Tapps, vacations, and even a Caribbean cruise! Needless to say, it was a great pleasure being able to capture her big day! She looked absolutely stunning in her mothers wedding dress!

Allison and Garth are such a fun couple! And they have an amazing group of friends. Living life to the fullest is what this group is all about and that makes my job SO fun!

This is an exceptionally long blog post, but there are SOOO many pictures and it was nearly impossible to select favorite images!

Lastly, big ups to my partner in crime Brett McKinley of Brett McKinley Photography. I am so thankful when I get to shoot a wedding with Brett by my side (well he is never really by my side, he is usually on the ground, in the bushes, or up in the rafters, but you get my point). He is an amazing second shooter and I can always count on him to capture pure art.

Congrats Allison and Garth!

–Erinn www.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargisphotography.comwww.erinnhargis



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