The McKinley Family: Seattle Area Family Photographer

Where do I start with the McKinley Family? The beginning I guess…

I met Brett while working at Russell Investments almost exactly 4 years ago. We became fast friends. Within a week of exchanging snarky emails, I knew we would be friends for life. When I met his wife Angie, I knew our shared love of “all things gold” and the critically acclaimed TV show “Melissa and Joey”, would lay the groundwork for the perfect friendship! A ridiculous amount of laughs and drinks have been had and many more are to come! They are just really awesome people and anyone who knows them would agree.

One of the things that we have shared over the last few years, is our love of photography. Thats right, Brett is a fellow photographer (and an amazing one at that)! In the last year, we have shot a handful of weddings together and we will continue to do so for as long as people hire us (maybe even a few exciting business announcements within the year)! However, this is the first time I have taken photos OF Brett and not WITH Brett. Shooting a session of a fellow photog is always nerve inducing! I am lucky that they made it so stinking easy for me to do my job! I mean, come on–look at them!!!!

Even though we were chasing the light and I didn’t have much time, I did capture a bit of footage. I have also included a little behind the scenes peek into their session. Their daughter is just the sweetest little thing–you will love her!!!




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