Martin Family: Tacoma Lifestyle Photographer

Just about two months ago the Martin family added a sweet baby girl to their already adorable family! I had a great time capturing them as a new family of four (six if you include the dogs :-)).

When I arrived, three year old Maysen was peeking out the window waiting for my arrival! She couldn’t wait to share all of her moves!!!! This one can pose!!! She is very busy and had lots of things to show me! She danced, ran, jumped, read, rocked, and to top it all of was a very loving big sister to Lucie. I have a feeling there is never a dull moment when she isn’t fast asleep.

Life in the Martin household was highly entertaining! I even got to snap some pictures of Neal serenading the three beautiful women in his life. As you can see, it put little Miss Lucie into baby dreamland!

Thank you so much for letting me capture this special time! (and super excited to share even more great images from our time together!)



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