Jackie and Clint: Maternity Photos

Hi my name is Erinn, and I had a BAD idea! (please don’t tell anyone!). I hate having ideas that aren’t so great. Unfortunately, it happens!

Jackie and Clint were nearing the primo time for maternity pics. When I spoke to Jackie, I suggested Chambers Bay, just as the sun was nearing setting time. In my mind, I saw some beautiful images in an amazing setting. HA!!!! I made a huge mistake! The time I chose made things TOO bright and TOO hot! Seriously. SOOOOO hot! Secondly, Jackie suggested pics by the water. I thought Chambers would be a wonderful spot to get some shots by the water (another BAD idea)!

Here is what happened…

It was HOT. So immediately we were all sweating buckets (me mostly). We tried to find some shade for pics, and somewhat failed! Then, I thought, lets keep walking. Once we get down by the water, it will be cooler. Guess what???? NOPE! Not cooler! Also, silly me, the “beach” was super rocky!

“Hey! I know! Lets take a 35 week pregnant lady out in the stifling heat! GREAT! NOW that she is good and miserable…lets take her to the worlds most rocky beach and have her balance on tons of rocks!”

Two things saved me. One, she is my cousin and she can deal with me! Two, her husband is amazing and never complained while supporting his wife’s every move (thanks Clint)!

Even though I took this couple on a miserable evening photo shoot… I have to say, it was worth it! (We did finally go back to my house for some shots after we air-conditioned ourselves in our cars).

Jackie and Clint–thank you for being such troopers. I love you so much and CAN’T wait to meet Cale!!!!!!!

XOXO Erinn

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