Heather & Kris: Thornewood Castle Wedding: Tacoma Wedding Photography

Words cannot even begin to describe this wedding. I am going to try! Thankfully, I have images to help!

Heather and Kris have a story of connection, love, and tenacity. I could write several pages on their love story alone. Thankfully, others have done it before me (King5 documents their story, here). The quick version is that their smooth sailing engagement was interrupted by a cancer diagnosis. The love that roots their strength, allowed them to power through to their wedding day. Thank goodness–because the day was one of the most beautiful days I have ever witnessed.

Heather is an amazing Jack-of-all-trades! She made her own dress (and finished the evening before). Also, the evening before the wedding, she made her flower girl’s entire dress! So while we were all watching T.G.I.F (I know, I know…it’s not still airing), the bride was busy being superwoman! AND not only did she make dresses, she and Kris made their own wine, and Heather did her own hair (and her Maid of Honor’s hair). So amazing!

This wedding was definitely my most challenging wedding to shoot. Simply because the wedding is going to be featured on TLC’s Four Weddings!!!! I can’t even describe how many cameras I had to share the bride and groom with! At any given moment, I was competing with at least four other cameras (and I have included the crew in some of my pics)!!!! Thank goodness the crew of Four Weddings were extremely nice, otherwise I would have knocked them down to get the shots I wanted!!!

Lastly, I want to give a GIANT thank you to Courtney Berg of Courtney Berg Photography! She was my second shooter for the day and there is no way that I could have handled this whirlwind of a day with out her assistance! The bride and groom were not allowed access to the venue until 4:00 pm and the wedding started at 5:00 pm. Talk about a time crunch! However, because of Courtney’s help, we were able to catch each and every moment!

At this point, I can do nothing more than to let the images speak for themselves…


(Please check out the linked page to make contributions to this beautiful couple)

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