Rainy Day Sr. Session: Puyallup Senior Portrait Photographer

OK computer world! Raise your hand nice and tall if you LOVE having your picture taken????? What? No one is raising their hand?!?! I am SHOCKED! (Just kidding!)

Not many people LOVE having their picture taken. The senior I had the opportunity to capture this last Friday, was right there with you, NOT raising her hand!

A little birdie told me that Elissa was not really looking forward to her senior photoshoot. I can 100% relate! Who in the heck wants to stand outside, where everyone and their mom can see you, and “work it for the camera”? Again, I venture to say, less than 1% of the population. Even though, Elissa was a bit timid, I somewhat made her jump in with both feet (after a little instruction/direction). Guess what? She was a natural!!!! Maybe in a past life she was a model!?!

After we got over some initial hesitation (that lasted no more than 5 minutes, unless she had me really fooled), we had an entirely new challange. RAIN. It started to lightly sprinkle. Ok. We could deal with that. Thinking maybe it would lighten up–just the opposite happened. For the remainder of our shoot it rained harder and harder.

For the comfort of my client, her mom and friend (who were also with us), I suggested going back to the studio. To my surprise, the were ready to forge on (have I mentioned I have the best clients ever)! Through a few more quick location changes, I never ONCE heard a complaint about our not so fortunate weather. In fact, it was kind of fun being out in the rain!!!!

The grand finale was a few pictures amongst the most beautiful cherry blossom tree! Elissa is very interested and well versed in asian cultures. She and I really wanted some pictures with cherry blossom trees. Unfortunately, by the time we had our shoot, I couldn’t find a single cherry blossom tree still in bloom! However, we totally lucked out and found one. SCORE!

Elissa–you are SO radiant! I had so much fun on this shoot and it will go down in history as one of my favorites!



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