Mother’s Day: Photography in Tacoma, WA

My mom is something special! If you have met her, you know this to be true! I could talk/type all day about how amazing my mom is. But I won’t force that upon you!

A few weeks ago, I told my mom that I wanted to take her pictures. She complained about it–a ton! She gave me billions of reasons why she didn’t want her pics taken. I vetoed every one!

Its so different when it is you own mother. You see, just try and tell your mom that she is the most beautiful woman you have ever met. Try and tell your mom how pretty she is! Guarantee, she wont believe you!

Year after year, you probably gift your mother a picture of your family. I challenge you this year, give her a photography session featuring her! She will feel beautiful and recharged! Not kidding!

Mom, I am 2,000% thankful for you. You are the light of my life–you have given me life! There are no words to describe the person you are. Totally beyond words! Smoochas, mom!




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