Ta-da!!!!! Look Mom, I made a blog!

I finally did it! I made a blog! This has been a to-do list item for me for quite some time now. I finally get to check it off of my list!

A few years back, I had the grand idea of starting a blog for my family. I really wanted to document our lives and have a “diary” of sorts to look back on. Well the blogging lasted about two entire days. I was the worlds worst blogger! …AND I kind of had a feeling that I would be. However, this time it will be different! This time I am doing so as a professional photographer. This format will give me the opportunity to share my work with the world (not that I am expecting to be a global celebrity any time soon:-))! More importantly, it will give those who are not sucked into the world of facebook a chance to take a peek at my ever changing body of work (so mainly, my Dad).

Thank you for visiting!  I can’t wait to continue to share my images!


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